“Nothingness” the simplicity in doing nothing, but sitting in complete silence and listening to your inner voice. Not wanting to struggle, but instead, surrender your whole being to the mightier force which carries your existence at this moment.

We all know how busy it can get out there in the world, how noisy it could be with so much going on. There are mouths that talks, but ears that don’t listen, and in the middle of it all we lost our inner voice because the world is just too loud for us even to hear what we think in our head. We get lost because we don’t find time to listen to ourselves. And the dangerous thing we can do to ourselves is to think that it’s how it should be; always stay busy with little and no means to escape the reality of the world which is, in fact, an illusion to trap us in a state of fear and judgment.

Maybe it’s not an illusion, but many different realities from all of us, colliding and creating chaos, the collective web of consciousness?

There’s no use in finding peace outside of us because if we feel chaotic within us, wherever we go, we will still be disturbed by our unresolved thoughts and worries. We can try to avoid our thoughts by finding things to do, and it would help for a little while until we are forced to face our own shadows which will make us feel overwhelmed and even fearful of being alone to deal with what we are supposed to deal with a long time ago.

The sure thing that will likely happen in one’s life is change. Change is something you can never avoid; it’s inevitable. You can try to avoid it in some cases, but it’s still around the corner ready to pounce on you at any given time.

Practice doing nothing, and find time to know yourself better, when you know who you are at your core, nothing can disturb your peace, and you will undoubtedly feel more confident being in your own skin. No one can tell you who you are since we all perceive each other from the tiny fraction of what we presented to the world in our daily life. People can have many opinions about us, but still, they can’t grasp the essence of who we truly are at our core if they don’t know who they are.

Maybe who we are doesn’t depend on our personalities, not our jobs, status, and names. But because of the spaces between the “nothingness,” we can create, re-create and discover ourselves in our grandest version of who we are. And when we finally realize that we are so much more than meets the eye, then we need to take pride in ourselves by being “nothing” instead of trying to be everything to everyone in our lives.

The “nothingness” let us put down the burden, the past, the stories we create in our head, and all the overthinking which lead to worries. In doing nothing, we can relax if we are brave enough to listen to our inner voice or all the thoughts that we try to avoid for so long.

When you feel ready, spend time and listen to the silent, then you will know if there is peace in your head or noises. When you find time to do nothing, you will have more time to do everything else that it’s more important to you, you will not do things out of force, but rather let everything flow because you now have the right relationship with yourself and everything else.

Make room to do nothing once in a while it will help you to find the peace within you. Life shouldn’t be a struggle but to grow from the challenges we face that push us out of the comfort zone.

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