Ascend As A Goddess

Fly me to the moon
so I can learn to embrace
the phases as the Goddess does.
Where the night has fallen
and she shines and is proud
of the light she gives of.
And people will be envy
and marveled at the shimmer
and glow by the love of the sun
that embrace her when she is full.
Even when she shy away behind the Earth
she knows her phases has a reason.
And she will be back as proud
as the day she is away,
and even so her shines never gets dull,
but forever captivating as the sun.
If you have eyes of an immortal,
you will see and hear her call.
Marveled at her, adore her,
and you will ascend
as the God and Goddess like her.

Eyes that penetrate the illusion.


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