Divine Letters

Behind The Curtains

Beloved Divine Father God,

While others search for fame and followers, I am seeking to be inspired by what I see and feel within this world so that I can create creatively, to express what goes through my mind and what is inside my heart.

For a moment I based my self-worth on the numbers that ticked in when people followed and unfollowed. I was well aware of how it made me feel, so I decided to keep a low profile and stay behind the curtains.

I desire to live with my heart full of love and a content mind with an overjoyed soul who can express itself through written words. When the world fluctuate, and people change their mind, I will keep the focus and the attention towards what matters to me. What matters to me is other people’s wellbeing, and that they too can find the peace and tranquility in their mind to create something they themselves desire to express.

Only the heart knows how to speak with a mellow voice.

Father, I believe you have taught me well because I can feel my soul being drawn to my ultimate love, and I remember how it felt to be loved unconditionally. When I plunged into the darkness, I never forgot what my mission was. Even with amnesia, I had a vague memory of the unconditional love I have felt previously on Venus before I descended to Earth.

Now that I am here with full remembrance of what I need to do, I will no longer try to live like everyone else to be accepted or even acknowledged. It brought me more sorrow and sadness to be someone I was not and did what I knew in my heart was not right for me. I didn’t change, not for a moment did I turn my precious soul into something it never wished to be, but I peeled away all the layers of what my ego self tried to make me be, and people thought I changed. It’s funny because they didn’t even come close enough to see who I am beneath the mask I wore for so long.

But again, I never allow anyone to come that close, and even if I did, they never honored me and my feelings to be allowed to come so close to my Sanctuary. The gate to my inner world through my heart closed itself when someone unconsciously dishonored my sensitivity, and they thought I wasn’t aware of their intentions, I know, that’s why the gate shut itself down, and it does that for self-perseverance.

The place I feel most at home while being here on Earth is my inner world; my Heart-space Sanctuary where I cultivate peace and tranquility.

I’m sorry Father, but I don’t want to put myself out there to help anyone by following me and what I teach. If I may, I rather stay behind the curtains and pray. I did my best to speak, and my speech didn’t reach far and wide, and outspoken words become mumble when no one listens. I don’t want to participate in the contest of being the most successful person with the most numbers of followers.

If you ever want to say something through me, I will write to them, because my voice is not loud enough, and my speech breaks so quickly when the world is so noisy that I couldn’t even hear myself thinking.

I will listen to you Father, to stay humble and maintain my composure through your loving grace.


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