The Coyness of A Maiden

Beloved Miracle,

I am not the type of woman who is going to kiss you on a whim, but secretly staring at your lips. I never understand how to grasp what I desire when it comes to intimacy. The awkwardness to make a move will immobilize me and make me coy.

I’m shy into my core when it comes to showing affection in public, and even when you stare into my eyes for a kiss, I will close my eyes and wait for you to place a kiss on my lips gently. Afterward, I will smile and giggle of the thought that we have exchanged a seal that says “You are mine.”

I happen to be shy when you look at me.

You will know how much I adore you if you take the moves to calm my nerves because I will not likely bounce on you in fear I would not do it right, but I will display my coyness around you. I am too timid and careful out of fear of making a mistake. I can’t come close to anyone without feeling the intensity of their emotions; thus I have stopped giving out hugs or let anyone hugs me. Whether they display their love or feign affection, I will feel them, and my vibration will either rise or fall. To exist this way was never in my plan, but it’s something I can never change because it is innate, I was born sensitive.

I will forever remain a maiden, inexperience when it comes to date someone intimately. It’s no wonder I am still single to this day because no one would ever believe how much I actually am interested in them. I see love as something innocent, and even if my significant other hold my hand, I would feel exhilarating and happy. I would feel the love tornado just with a single look or a gentle touch.

“Is it wrong to be timid?” I’m not sure if I could ever change that part of myself, but as for now, I will accept my Divine Feminine to lead the way back into the arms of my Divine counterpart, “Is it you?” I’m not sure of that either, but whoever honor my softness and delicate soul will experience a love that reaches deeper than the ocean floor.

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