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The Fragrance of A Blossoming Flower

Beloved Miracle,

I have longed to dwell in your heart for so long that I forgot my own. And as the bud, I have been waiting to bloom.

“And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.” – Anais Nin.

The time it takes for me to unravel the mystery of our connection has come to an end because I refuse to stay in the same cycle of where we go through the same pattern of pushing and pulling. The endless chase has come to a halt and right now I dwell in my own heart while I become drawn towards my destiny to create Heaven on Earth.

Our connection intoxicated me, and I let myself fall deep into the depth of my love to you. What if our love was never a fairy tale? That you and I were never meant to be, even how much I desire it to be so.

At times I feel like I am the girl next door who met the girl of my dreams and imagining that the wedding bell would resound while I walk down the aisle ready to be your wife. We have aged, and our desires changes as time pass by quickly. I met you, fallen in love and wished that we would love each other and stay together until we both ascend to our pristine state, that our unconditional love for each other will remains eternal. “It was only wishful thinking,” I thought to myself. And now my wish is to maintain my composure and attain peace so that I can radiate it outwards into the world.

“Can you imagine me somewhere thinking of you once in a while because the chords between our souls persist so strongly that even how many times I have cut it, your voice will echo in the background telling me how much you love me?” Because that is what I hear every new moon and full moon where the tide makes waves in my heart.

Every time I catch your thoughts rippling out into the Universe, I become worried, and I wonder, “Is everything ok with my beloved, Miracle? Is she happy with her life? Has she bloom?” But then I stop myself from connecting because time is not in our favor.

Hating you were never an option, the bitterness of the love potion you made me drink becomes a sweet after taste because you have cast a spell on me and I am bound to love you unconditionally.

Heaven without you will be an abyss of longing, and I drown without knowing that I could swim, and knowing that you aren’t there is a poignant reminder of my loneliness.

Surrender to the fragrance of a flower which blossom in grace.

As the bud, I am blooming, and I hope my fragrance is delightful enough to seduce you back into my arms.


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