Cosmic Dance

Up above the sky the stars glimmer in sight.
May I dance the cosmic dance with you tonight?

I have drunk the elixir of life and become so high.
I have not descended here to live and try.

Tonight I write my loneliness away so that I can wake up to a brighter morning. With the heart full in the morning it will be emptied again at sunset. I want to smile and to skydive into your heart. Lungs spilled with soft-spoken words like wind brushing through your hair, just as soft as a feather. I laugh to the way I have lived before, and now I wish to be the change I want to see in the world to reach out to you. The echo of my love ripples throughout the Universe, can you hear my heart beats your name?

Love is on the horizon.

Tonight the tingling of one hundred butterflies will flutter in me because I will imagine you here holding me tight in your arms. I crave to be touch by an undying love which I yield to covet me throughout lifetimes, and even if we were in two separate worlds apart, I will find you and bring you home.

I want to dance a cosmic dance with you through the scarlet fire of the stars. We would spin and spin with the milky way, and leave traces of stardust wherever we fly.

Up above the velvet sky, the sun is shining bright.
Can we dance the cosmic dance together, is it alright?


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