Her Delicate Self

Buddha Sound – Lu Yong
Let the Sun leads me back to the light within.

And then just out of nowhere the light shines from within and deflect all darkness that surrounds her.

She surrendered to her vulnerability and her delicate self. No matter how hard and cold the world seems to be, she will remain as soft as water and as soothing as the chanting of the sutra. Her soul radiates the warmth of ten thousand splendid suns, and it touches everyone and everything else in a world where all seems bleak and hopeless.

Is she an angel in human disguise? She is descending like a celestial from above with her mellow voice and cheerful spirit to uplift those who needs encouragement. The path she walks upon may not be for everyone because she is paving a new way to attain peace and tranquility in mind and heart through the darkness she has witnessed.

She beckons the wounded to heal, and the loss to follow the light within. Don’t follow her because her desire is not to collect or hoarder compliments or more followers. Her only wish is to live in harmony and build a family out of strangers.

The world is in mind, and compassion is in the heart. The soul creates from light and lets it be light in the world for what we conceive, and project outwards will create our reality.


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