With a love that burn fire and even rain can’t put it out has etched itself into my soul. I carry with me the memories of our meeting and dreams that entangled in the cells and fiber within my body.

Would you if you could, love me through the eternal time of no existence of death? Would you, if you could, hold me for just one night and save me from the smoke that has stings my eyes and I couldn’t see the future with you in it?

I needed you, and I wanted you when destiny brought us together. It’s our fate to save the world, but we can’t save the world unless we have done our job in making each other whole and complete. But we can’t make each other whole and complete by hanging onto the rope that strangles our soul. We can’t cut ourselves in half because our souls are one. We shared the same fate, and when you cut the thread, the string that bound our soul together, my longing becomes like a deep sea.

“Where are you?!” I scream out in bewilderment.

“In the bottom of your heart, dive into it, and you will find me.” You whispered with a voice so mellow and sweet like honey and soft blanket.

“I can’t, I’m fearful of the depth of the ocean, I can’t swim,” I said with insecurity.

“You can, because you love me, and with all the passion you have for me, then nothing is impossible, if you die, I will live for you, and I will find you within my heart.” You said with words of certainty and love so deep that my heart rumble and break in half.

“I don’t want to die, but because you love me as deep as the ocean, I am willing to learn to dive, don’t leave me, I am coming.” And I learned to be brave and dive into the endless blue ocean to find out that it’s not the ocean but instead the sky I am soaring above.

“My love, you gave me wings, and the sea is not the sea, but the Azure heaven of eternity! You gave me immortality, and we will be together with each other infinitely, and you gave me life my love, and now you are my life.” I said with tears like emeralds.

And so, with the promise of immortality, I am waiting with an unwavering faith that we will reunite once our heart is drape in one again.


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