The Butterfly Lover

There’s a stream of longing flowing within my heart, and there’re tears that glistening like diamonds once the light of the sun rays reflected in my eyes. Who knows the depth of my love and who knows the lonesome heartache of my soul. The steps I take on Mother Earth has been quite arduous, and the loner in me never quite find anyone whose heart beats as mine. The flow of the breath becomes a heavy sigh—a sorrowful whisper of a tender heart whose longed to love as deep as the ocean.

At the bottom of the cliff, I am hanging onto the sun rays and wish to soar in the sky as the eagle—free from attachment. I imagine myself like the butterfly; fluttering around the field of daisies carefree without knowing that my life lasts only a short while before the raging wind of autumn tear the leaves of the trees and winter will set in to freeze the melancholy of my heartbeats. “Oh, thou knows not the yearning of my heart to feel the romance that blooms in spring! Oh’ Lord, will spring ever come and bring me the love of my life?”

I give praise to the Moon Goddess who is proud of her phases that even if she turned away from the light, she is not ashamed of her darkness, and the magic of her full moon make waves to my emotions to rise and fall. The rhythm of my pulsating heartbeats drums to the war within me—forever be a loner or settle as a lover.

Not everyone fits. Only the one who is not afraid of my darkness and see the light within me—whose light reflects my own will capture the butterfly that I am who lives only for a season, and reborn again in spring.


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