Every Nuance of Me

When life gives you a lemon, you make lemonade or orange juice and make people surprised at how you did it. Life has given me many sour apples, lemons, limes or sometimes even bitter melons, but I made use of them for my own benefit.

The harsh energy level I have been feeling is dissipating, and the stress level has subsided; mostly because I have learned from my own mistakes. During my life, the cycle of losing and getting has transformed into blessings which I now am very much grateful over.

Right at this moment, I am single, but in my heart, I desire a sacred partnership. I have been alone for ages, and I have lost count on the years that has passed by without a significant other. I’m not always sure how to date, and sometimes I beat myself up for being obsessive once I take an interest in someone; they are like art or a book I immersed myself in without thinking I need a break. At times I try to change myself to be cold and detach, but within my heart, the fire of love and romance is just too strong that it makes it hard to change how I am. What am I suppose to do actually? Since I can’t change, I thought I could just be myself completely with a little patience and wits.

The time to use my innate ability to see things with a deep sense of awareness is always. I need to make use of my skills as a Libra and ascendant in Scorpio with a heartfelt Cancer in the moon to navigate through the “dating-market.” I don’t apply the rules to my own dating “game,” and indeed, I don’t pretend to be someone I am not by playing because I don’t play games when it comes to love. I am either interested or not at all. I don’t date multiplies of people, all because I want to give the one I like my undivided attention. And there are too many emotions going on within me and the ability to sense my partner’s feelings makes it double;

“Love with an empath will be intense as they are energetically sensitive; therefore they will pick up on everything and anything that is happening around them. Regardless of whether emotions have been outwardly expressed, empaths will experience their partner’s emotions as deeply as they feel their own.”

Loving & Understanding an Empath.

Curious about empaths? Read on the link above.

Whether I have x-ray vision or super record camera, I am emotionally intelligent enough to take a step back to reflect and weighing the pros and cons until my scale is in balance before I judge anything. You might think I am indecisive because I am born in the sun sign Libra, but once I make up my mind, I am not likely to change so easily.

Harmony is everything to me, and I will do it as peacefully as I can to balance what’s going on inside my heart and mind. My complexities is a paradox which people might never understand because sometimes they don’t come close enough to see the layer of softness within the layers of strength and detachment and because they didn’t dare to pass the threshold; therefore, everything that needs to be seen is being buried by their assumptions and perceptions of how I am. Maybe they feel intimidated?

It’s hard not to feel saddened once someone withdraws while you still haven’t shown every nuance about yourself. All I’m thinking of now is to save myself up for someone who dares to come closer enough to discover all the different colors within my soul.

Empath, INFJ or Starseed. I am proud of who I am, and I encourage you to be proud of yourself as well.

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