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Priority; Nurture And Care for The Self

Good evening,

We are very much at the end of the week, only one more day and we will reach the weekend.

Life may have some ups and downs, but if we take some time and count our blessings by how much love we have for our friends and family instead of what we have of material things, then the downs will not be so unbearable. We might not have everything in the world, whether it’s a new car, money or a lot of valuable possessions, but at least we have those near us who we can count on; never go a day of your life without appreciating them.

And when we do have that extra money or time, we can also spend it on ourselves, it’s a way to appreciate ourselves for making another day of hard work or that we make it through a difficult time. Life is the process of uncovering ourselves. A process to the self-realization about who we are since there are so many layers beneath our masks which we use to hide our true self, but that doesn’t mean we can’t one day take it off and live with the truth that resides within us.

Taking care of ourselves must be our first priority, and then taking care of our home by cleaning, dusting and decorate it with flowers or other interiors will make it more harmonious to who we are within. Declutter your home will make the positive energy to flow better. When everything is in place within yourself, everything else outside will also fall into place, after that, you will have more to give to those you care for and taking care of them will not be a burden anymore, but more as a joy. The excess of the unconditional love you have for yourself will overflow, and they will definitely feel it if their hearts are not blocked from love; I believe the warmth of your love will eventually melt their frozen heart anyway, so don’t hesitate to show appreciation and respect.

Ps: Unconditional love doesn’t mean people can walk all over you. Setting boundaries are also an act of unconditional love, that way your energy won’t be depleted and since the weekend is approaching it’s an excellent opportunity to take some time to give yourself the love you are so deserving, even if it means doing nothing.

The joy of seeing the roses.


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