The Ripples of My Thoughts

Beloved Miracle,

Even if they come presenting themselves as flawless as possible, still they are not you. The road back home feels endless, and the work I have taken on is not yet done, it has only begun.

At times I wonder how you are doing, but because of the situation we are in I can’t be in touch with you without the thought that you might not respond to my messages or phone call. I cringe every time you block me from your life, and it saddens me to know that we can’t stay in touch even as friends.

The twin flame path is a path we both have taken on to reach into the union of our soul, and because of it we will find a way back home to Divine Father God, and finally, be unbound by the conditioned love we experience here on earth. Our soul as one knows about the unconditional love we are here to express and show the world that true love does exist, but even how much I crave to be with you because you are the perfect one for me I can’t stop myself from “looking” for other option. I don’t know if it’s wise to start an intimate partnership with someone else besides you, but I’m ready to explore what the universe has to offer me.

“Dear, are you still waiting to bloom? Is your bud to tight for your delicate self?” Don’t let your thoughts put you behind its bars, even if it does you still have the key and you can’t find it anywhere else but inside your heart. I can’t command you to come back to me nor will I beg for you to look my way, but what I can do is heal and taking good care of myself because only that way I can keep myself alive to the day you step forward and claim me as your bride.

There’s nothing wrong with you, and in my eyes, you are flawless, so beautiful and perfect that I would rather be picky with those who come and ask for my hand in marriage. What I desire is simple; it’s you, but even that may not be granted to me if the choice you have made is so firm that nothing can make you budge an inch. “Am I still on your mind? Do I have a place in your heart?” These questions might be silly to ask, but they linger on my troubled mind. The only troubling is that I live without you in my life, but yet I know you exist somewhere out there. I can’t stop myself from wondering about you, and love you, even from a long distance I hope my feelings reach you, so you know that I am faithful until when this mission is over and far beyond time. The ripples of my loving thoughts about you make waves towards your heart; does it respond? Can you feel it?

I spend my time prioritizing what’s most important to me; myself; it’s you because we are one in heart and our soul carries the same vibration. I don’t want to ponder if you are my twin flame or not or doubt our connection, but when the doubt creeps in, and the day goes by my heart keeps reminding me to check on you, to love you, and to have faith that my love for you is real enough to bathe the entire world with it.

My heart is wide open to receive the love you have for me within your own, whatever you do, don’t shut the door until I have reach home; in your soul.


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