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The Creation of A New Life

Since Tuesday the 26th of February, the solar storm hit me hard! I could feel the emotions of stress and anxiety about money resurfaced, but it wasn’t my own but the entire collective consciousness of humanity. There were a few gloomy news about people being trick by con artists and story about stolen identities floating around media lately which also affect us to be more cautious to whom we trust. I can’t decide whether it’s good to know these things or not; it helped as a warning to be more skeptic when it comes to people, or it served to instill fear in us.

But as I ride the waves of these solar storms and ground myself I get plenty of time to discover another layer of myself; my creativity knows no bounds. From Friday this weekend, I have been productive enough to be able to bake birthday cakes! It was stressful at the beginning and since baking is quite a challenge I still put on my apron and baked the cakes in my little kitchen. It was actually not well planned out since I had to improvise a lot in the middle of baking, but luckily the result for all the cakes was not at all bad. They did taste as good as they looked and I even invented some of the decorations myself.

The kitchen and the living room become quite a mess, to be honest, and even I was a mess during the baking process, but it was worth the stress since people where so surprised and happy when they looked and ate the cakes.

I thought to share them here so you will also take a look at my creations. Enjoy! And I hope you were able to ride the waves of the solar storms and get plenty of rest while grounding yourself.

Happy weekend!


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