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Unconditional Love & Complete Freedom

Beloved Miracle,

Because you demand unconditional love and complete freedom, doesn’t make you terrible. You are not terrible at all for having such a desire. It’s a matter of fact wise of you to acknowledge that your soul demands those things for yourself. People in this world have lost touch with their souls, and thus the connection to God’s unconditional love become unknown.

I was once confused about the love I experienced here on earth between humans. It was so conditioned and restricted. So many rules and regulations, and if you don’t follow it through you will get punished. You might get a cold shoulder or harsh, abusive words thrown at you. Sometimes because of the love, you have for them that they might want to manipulate you for the guilt of not being what they expect you to be, so they can make you do things you know in your heart is not right for you.

I have always believed in love, but not that kind of love that humanity performs on each other; ego-love. In my heart, I had this inkling belief that there’s a love far greater than what I had experienced exist. I believe in unconditional love and complete freedom to be myself without any guilt or remorse. That’s why I have been searching for the answers for so long. That’s also one of many reasons I couldn’t close my heart from feeling others people’s emotion. I was born with ears to hear, eyes to see, heart to feel and mind to think. Things that don’t affect people so easily, affects me intensely.

My love, if it wasn’t for being who I am, I’m not sure if I could survive to this day. All I had was this blind faith for the love I felt inside, the only thing which keeps myself sane so that I could wake up to a new morning and breathe.

I’m here on earth not to fit in, but to stand out and make a change, because I believe in something most couldn’t comprehend or understand doesn’t mean I have to bury my hope and dreams. My hope and dreams are the willingness to love unconditionally and be completely free from the judgment and expectations people impose on me.

So yes, demand unconditional love and complete freedom. That’s your heritage because you are a Goddess, no one would ever dare to deny and withheld something which is yours from the beginning. You have to stay true to who you are and believe that you deserve a glorious and divine love, even here on earth. That’s my desire for you, and I am re-creating the world we are living in, so that you may one day feel how loved you truly are and how marvelous it is to be completely free from the prison of the condemning world.


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