There’s No Separation

After the ending of my search for romance, I feel a sudden need to embrace the world of illusion. I fold out my arms and embrace our separation and feel you are closer to me than you have ever been. I realized I could live with a smile even if I’m alone. If my world seems to crumble and fall apart, it’s because it was made out of false substance, but the separateness for once felt more like a kaleidoscope full of colors and images.

I’m standing at the end of the bridge and behind me is a sun that shines so ever bright that it illuminates my path to freedom. I’m like a little bird ready to flap my wings and fly, leaving the nest of security; the haven of someone arms that would save me from loneliness, a “home” I thought was filled with love. Out from fear I have overlooked the shelter I thought was real, it was nothing but an illusion all along. I created it from all the experiences I have had throughout my life, and the circumstances occurred as a canvas painted in black. I desperately wanted to change the world around me, but the thing I need to change was my perception of the world. The canvas may be colored in black, but with a little imagination, I can add stars like the night time of a dark sky.

I’m free at last because loving with my soul our separation is only as real as I make it be.


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