Halfway Through

The minute you said you choose him over me, my heart shattered, and I hate you for it, but at the same time my love for you won’t let me bear a grudge, it says “Oh darling, you are too good to be true, hate can eventually turn into love, too.”

And the seasons passed, and year after year my heart was left vacant with the door closed, and time after time I have to pull the curtains apart to let the sun shines in where the shadows used to creep in.

I feel frazzled at how you still powered me up like a light bulb without being present in my life… how can it be when we are miles apart? You are with someone, and I’m alone with sad songs, you have someone, I have only memories of our shared times. I’ll get by; I’ll cope with it, that’s what I thought, but loneliness was too much to bear. I moved on halfway because I realize waiting for you to come back is like flying a kite without the string, I can’t reel it in, and eventually, it will land somewhere far away, and I can’t find it, just like you will not come back; you have settled with someone else for all eternity.

The second half? The truth is; I’m still in love with you, and I hate it so much because my soul won’t let me move on entirely, and decades will go on, and I’m here coping with the lost forever;

halfway through.


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