Memories threads through a red string attached to my little finger, along with the line I found it was knotted loosely around your foot, so loose that I barely felt that you have long ago walked away.

I have fallen so many times for the wrong person, so many times that I wished you would be the last; however, I never expected that you weren’t the one for me. I have come to realize, I’m not right for you, and to hear the sound of your footsteps walking away from me is saddening, but what I also know is that life moves on.

The red string attached to my little finger won’t come off, because I have carefully knot it too tight around it, and because I didn’t want to lose you and our memories I knit the loose end to my arm wrist wearing it like a bracelet.

You walked away and didn’t phrase your reason, but I guess I didn’t need to know because farewell is such a hard word to say to a person who wears her heart on her sleeve, you are scared she would break easily, but honey, she has already been broken, because you weren’t the first to break her. Your silence isn’t her salvation it’s her strength of carrying on that save her from all the thing she would want you to say but never got a chance to hear because you rather choose the easy way out.

I won’t blame you, for who knows what’s right to do, when the world expects too much of you.

I wish there will be continuing in our story, but I figure the page end here and see your back from a distance is like punctuation mark of the last word –



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