I daydream with eyes open, seeing the future before me with a handful of memories from the past.

Dim the light for tonight, because I have invited the moon and stars through my window, they are loyal to the very end of each night hearing my lament in their presence.

I count the days, but time keeps slipping through my fingers like sand in an hourglass.

Dim the light for tonight, so the moonlight could seep through the curtains and sing me a lullaby, a song so familiar that my heart falls at ease.

For each season, a new hope is born. Just like when winter reaches its end, spring will knock on my door and invites me to walk through the field of faith.

The end of yesterday’s night is the beginning of a new morning where the sun greeted me with grace, with rays dancing before my eyes and enveloping my entire being.

The wonder of the cosmos illuminates me.


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