Traveling Through The Night

The mornings are to those busy bee leaving for work, while the nights are for those who are like owls sitting on the branch observing the world. There’s nothing wrong with the morning when the sunrise is coming above the horizon, it just that for the thinkers they daydream while “asleep” with bloodshot eyes; they fondly love the silence of the night too much to go to sleep early.

I am one of those who occasionally have insomnia and couldn’t go to bed with a chaotic mind; full of thoughts and ideas and even if I sleep early my Muse will pull me up at 3 AM from bed demanding my attention. It wants my time and effort to create the story of my life in written words.

My life? It has been a rollercoaster, and merry go round, but more lately my heart has been stabilized, I don’t feel the high or the low as much like I used to and whenever something knocks me down, I bounce back more resilient than when I fall. My scars are not decorating on my skin, but I have them within me which I don’t expose to anyone unless they deem trustworthy. I rarely talk about myself to people I don’t know, and I prone to listen more than I speak; I have a hard time trusting people because of all the secrets I keep to myself.

So in the morning, I will sleep while at night I let the stars pull my hair and the moon nudge my body in all the direction it wishes me to go; it’s just how I travel to heal.


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