Through The Darkness

From time to time, you will walk through the darkness. Stumble blindly to find your way to sanity. If you are spiritual like me, you would know that we are all one, but we can’t be one until we understand ourselves and our individuality.

The blend with everything in this world is a feeling higher than ecstasy. The floating of your body and the peace you obtain within your mind is spectacular. You won’t find such feelings in any drugs, because it doesn’t empty you or drain your energy.

I could remember the day I stop the mind chattering thoughts in my head and feel entirely one with everything, and it was a fantastic feeling, somehow I wish to feel it again, but things have changed a lot during that year. Now I don’t feel the blending of the world anymore, but a mixture of everything, which I think it’s not mine. The bitter taste and salty tears.

You taste it every day, the sweetness, the bitterness, the spice and the salty. Life is really spicy.

Don’t try to run from life, because it will catch you anyway, and it leaves you breathless from the running.

I guess solitude is what I am going through now. However, I don’t want to fight this battle alone. Through the darkness, I hope to find a glim of light.


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