I Won’t Give In

When the ocean breeze stop blowing and it rustles the leaves makes them fall lightly to the ground, I will walk away. And once the last drop of rain falls into the sea, then it’s time to say goodbye. The wind carries my affection to you, and dripping of the rain are tears I shed before I let you go. With every leaf on the trees falling to the ground are my love letters written in the midst of autumn.

If every hue and color of the leaves could set ablaze the trees, then I know it will warm you before winter reach in. I can’t be there anymore to share the silent between our conversations, and I won’t be there to smile at you to lighten up your load.

Maybe it’s our destiny to be apart even if we never were together because we are not meant for each other. I’m sure the four seasons will change everything, that’s at least what I hope for. Every cloud has a silver lining, we can’t turn back time, but if it was possible, I want to go back just one more time and experiences our first meeting, with me being different than the first time we met.

One year consist of 365 days, and it’s 52 weeks in a year, and we don’t know how many times the sky has wept, but it will weep continually until my last drop of tear has fallen.

Until those 365 days turns and changes me at 180 degrees, I won’t give in.


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