Your Shine

Your beauty is exquisite, like a painting which I don’t get tired of looking. With you I am never bored, there are so much in your mind I want to explore, and I marvel at how you can wake up to another morning and make the world better for your loved ones.

The nearest way to touch you now is through my words, and the closest way for you to see me is through these sentences.

Look closely, I have changed, and it was all because of you. You turned my world upside down, and fortunately, all these changes have made me more me, and it was for the better and not for the worst.

Sometimes I wonder if you feel the same way – that what we had were unique, and I wonder if you also changed because I came into your life.

Your light makes reflections on this dark world, and just as what the moon does when the sun goes to sleep, it shines on the surface of the ocean; you lighten up the night with your shine, you shimmer, and glitter like stars. You are like million of sparkle stardust. You are too brilliant that I can’t stop complimenting you and I am sincere with my compliments.

Please, whatever happens, keep on shining.


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