Self-discovery Through Life

Life is a journey with a set of different experiences. Myriad of emotions intertwined with one experience. The simplicity here is to see life as an opportunity for self-discovery.

We are the visitor of this Earth, and because we have been here so long that we have made Earth our home. It’s natural to us to live a life here in harmony with each other and with Earth as well.

Sometimes we might do things which are not so beneficial for all, and we for some reason have forgotten that we are one; what we do to others we do to ourselves. Despite being one, we are still individual unique, and there are no two alike.

Don’t take yourself for granted and don’t push life aside without making an effort to live it. You don’t have to figure out how to live it, because for each moment you are breathing, life unfolds in a way that you can’t halt yourself from experiencing it.

Express your uniqueness, and be. And remember doing always spring from being and from there you will get to experience how life unfolds itself as a journey to re-discover yourself.


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