The Light Within Us

The collective consciousness spilled over like madness, and everyone is in intense trauma ready to release their darkness. There are chaos and such horrified unpredictable actions towards one another. People get offended quickly, and no one wants to listen to the truth.

Perhaps it’s not easy to wake up to the truth, that this world has many hidden secrets which revealed to the rest of the people who are still sleeping.

I have been awake for a very long time. Everything started in 2011, and I have worked with my shadows over the past few years. I have learned to balance my darkness and light. For better or for worst with a future unknown, I can still imagine the world filled with love and harmony. It must be peace, and I hope that I can reflect that towards people I meet, but sometimes I am at lost because it’s difficult to make people think and feel like me.

I have learned to let go despite everything I thought would go against me and even how much I want to hold on to things that I wish was meant for me – I let go.

Peace must prevail, love must be the choice we all make and we must return to the harmony of nature and Mother Earth. That’s my goal. I don’t intend to change the world. I plan to change myself so my light would reflect outwardly and I, by all means, need to maintain a calm composure and hold the light steady within me.

Are you with me on this? Are you ready to make this world a better place for everyone involved, mostly for our children and grandchildren?

Bring forth the light within you.


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