Because of You


Are you tired of all the love letters I have written to you? I know you won’t likely respond, but still, I can’t hold myself back from writing.

The sweetest note, the romantic gesture. I just want to open my chest broader so you can take a look inside my heart, and see how it beats for you. It’s pounding like crazy when you are near. And when you are absent, it just sank and sank in deep yearning.

I don’t know if it is wise of me to keep harboring feelings for you, but I can’t seem to erase all the good memories we have shared. Your adorable smile and soft long lashes of your eyes when you close them in a deep sleep, and you speak words with sincerity. I know you care, and I know sometimes silence speaks more than a thousand words.

I will surely let you be so you can have your space and maybe time to miss me. Even as a friend I’m content to love you in the distance. Who knows what’s ahead of us, the future is full of mysteries, we are on a journey into a brighter day. Even we are apart I’m still holding you dear in my heart and only that way can I feel you are always near me.

With time things will change, and we won’t be the same, but I will not forget how you make my soul sing and spark a fire of only a mere thought of you; my mind wander, and then I know my heart is a beat closer at where you are.

I’m alive, because of you.



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