Love On And Move On

My mentor said: “Love on and move on.”

I just thought of it this evening while I played a song and blasted it on high volume. Even there’s no right answer to how to love I still feel that this is not something that will fade with time. Love is always there no matter what I do because I love in depth.

It’s not like feelings will be forgotten, but it will slowly go away as fleeting as the wind, but from time to time those emotions will flare up like a memory that has been stack away. Even maybe the time has gone by, and the encounter of a new person will remind me how it was like to feel in love again. We have actually never fallen in love, we have always been in love, we just experience it because someone comes and ignite the spark within us.

From what I know, a romantic relationship is what makes us think we have fallen, but from the time we were born, we were already in love because we are love. We don’t even desire to fall in love before we know what romance is. And I always ponder where do we find happiness when we have to think that we have to let go when we never had that person from the beginning? That unreciprocated love is negative? Why it’s negative is because we have expectations, that one has to get what one has given, and because we have feelings for the other person we should be loved? We make up a fantasy of the person we have fallen for even when we don’t know whether they feel the same or not. And once we confess, the feeling of being rejected pained us and we become discouraged, and we fall into the trap of “letting go.” What’s there to let go of? Our feelings or that person?

I think we have to let go of the idea that we are not loved seemingly because our feelings are not reciprocated. What we must do then, is love on and move on, just what my mentor said. To fall in love is a remembrance of love.

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