Words of Unconditional Love

Unconditional love can change a person, and you will always have to open your heart wider and let your beloved come inside, but you are not submissive because you are strong, you can say no when you feel it’s not right.

You are brave enough to say what you mean because you are sure of yourself, you know what you want and need. Everyone is afraid to open themselves up, mostly when life has been difficult with heartbreaks and setbacks, especially when you have been through a lot of pain and struggles.

No one comes empty-handed, but they are just not sure if it’s safe to give since everyone is prone to take more than they give, you become even hurtful when you give to get. So don’t be afraid to open yourself up about feelings and hurts.

Sometimes you got to heal yourself first and love yourself first if you have always desired a true and authentic love. No one is dumb about it, but since most people don’t actually understand unconditional love, it’s easy to let others taken advantage of you because you never learned to set boundaries, but eventually, when you have the yearning and desiring to be loved back, then it’s always a good start to look for ways to understand and love yourself.

Always looks inwards your own self, and look for where the cracks and pain are, and pour self-love through those cracks and pain. Nobody is perfect, and you are that nobody because you are perfect even with imperfection. Why not love yourself?

Life is too short if you keep looking for faults in others behavior towards you, but even if you do? Ask yourself, did I allow this? If yes, then their behaviors are mirrors to your self-love because you know what? We are one.

Relationships teach us valuable things about ourselves. And we will only get hurt because we let them. No one can pain us more than ourselves because it’s us who let the other continue hurting us, we let them by limiting ourselves, by thinking of how they think about us, by continuing in letting them do what makes us feel wrong, I said wrong because abusive behaviors are wrong. And it’s also because we are abusive towards ourselves, that’s why we keep letting others be abusive towards us. Don’t let it happen if you love them, but even if you do, just, check in with your feelings. The body and heck, the mind might say it’s good to be abuse, but our heart, well, it will say otherwise.

The heart is our shelter, our guides, and our protector, don’t let your guardian and guard killed. Unconditional love for yourself, is unconditional love for your beloved, because, in the end, we are one. In heart, mind, body, and soul.

Miracle, The Seraphim

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