Her Presence

I adore her. I don’t know if she knows that I see her with admiration. I love the way she presents herself. She is quite young but wise for her age. There is something about her that I can’t tell. She’s a rebel and unique without being over the top. Oh, don’t take me wrong, she dresses very well, you would be stunned by her looks. It’s how she carries herself that you will not but gasp for air. I love the way she walks and talks. She seems like she is never in a hurry, she moves with such grace and style. Inside the opal blue and pink crystal, rose-bud is where she resides with protection. She has not blossomed yet, but there is no need to hurry her, she’s best when she can take her time and bloom. You know the petals? Yes, they’re surrounding her, caressing her in a non-protective way. She is free, but it seems like she is in a maze of frustration, maybe she misunderstood the petals for bars. The rose-bud she is in is not over-protective, and it wasn’t meant to cage her within it without room to breathe.

I’m not sure if she knows that the weight she carries on her shoulders is too heavy for even her. She once told me that it’s something about her age. She is free to explore her options and be silly. Oh, you know that teenage rebellion stage she’s in. She is self-willed but keeps her manners like royalty. Yes in my eyes, she deserves the title of queen, but she must first claim her throne. She’s a princess, and deep down she knows it, but if I tell her that, she will probably refuse it with a polite smile. As wise as I am, but foolish in her presence, I keep quiet and act as if she already agrees with my treatment. She was made a princess and soon to be the Queen. Because you know; she deserves it after all. I treat her with respect and honor, and she knows it, but don´t mistake me for being a servant, even though I might serve her well. I am nothing but her devotee, for her presence keeps me alive, you see?


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