Falling In Love

You are like the night covered with stars, mysterious and enchanting; I am in awe of your magic at how you make stars shine and twinkling so bright in the dark. You are a girl with few words, and in the midst of your presence, I can hear you talk even if you keep your silence.

You are the morning glory of the sun with rays that beams through my curtains. You shine so brightly with your dimpled smile, and because of it, a jolt of remembrance makes me blushed crimson with embarrassment. I remember I have shown you my silliness and how embarrassed I was to be so clumsy with words in your presence. But it’s not something new. I wonder if I haven’t opened myself and tell you how I felt, would you notice that I was secretly in love with you?

I fell in love with your light as much as I am in love with your darkness. I love the whole you and not just some part of it. You can be as cruel as you sometimes are without the means to be it and I would still be as soft and sweet like cotton candy towards you. I don’t know how else I should be. I don’t know how to pretend and certainly, how to not be gentle when I have been so broken. All I wish is to give you what you deserve, like how the sun dies to let the moon breathe and how the wave of the oceans always kissed the sand before it departed for a few second back to itself again.

To fall in love with you wasn’t by choice, even though if I had to choose, I would still want to fall in love with you because your existence pleased my soul.


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