Because We Are Love

When it begins to hurt, you have to question yourself why you even let it happen, and it’s never too late to walk away from a situation which doesn’t serve you anymore. When it hurts, it’s time to reflect and own your feelings instead of blaming it on someone else. Your feelings are yours, no one has put it there, but it was brought forth because of your interaction with them.

Being spiritual doesn’t mean you are free from problems, being spiritual means you now have the awareness to solve them and acknowledge that they are there. There is nothing fancy about being spiritual because we all are. The only difference is where we are on our path. The light within is meant to be shared, but don’t let it gets to your head and become superior to someone else. Walking the path of enlightenment is intended to free ourselves from the matrix and become one with spirit, we owe this to ourselves. And before we grasp the concept of being free we are still on a path to realization and learning. We learn about our weakness and strength through relationships and interaction with each other, whether good or bad, stay in gratitude because without the people we met, we might not be able to find our true self.

Freedom is to know you are nothing, but at the same time, you are everything because you are love.

Miracle, the Seraphim

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