Tears & An Unknown Future

Tears stained my heart and cleansed my soul. I can’t hold onto something that wasn’t meant for me. By holding to tight I hurt myself, I love so hard with all my wants and needs, but in the end, my wants and needs strangle me and I become taciturn.

I bend to the wind and breathe through the frost. The one I love doesn’t love me. The curse of being alone hadn’t yet broken or lifted. It bound me in a loop where I chase for gold at the end of the rainbow. Wherefore am I like this? I hope, but it was only wishful thinking. My faith in anything else but unconditional love has bound me in a life of loneliness. I loathe to be this strong, but yet so delicate. I have no reason to fight, but yet I was chosen to battle. With sweat and tears would I make it?

All I know is to look ahead to a future that is not known, I have only a mission to complete, and after that, I hope that I will be back on Venus. Maybe there I will reunite with my one and only, my beloved Ryder.

Miracle, the Seraphim

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