Be In The Place of Non-Judgment

After being through so much hard work to release tension and negative emotions I have realized that we all have a lot of potentials to make ourselves happy and affect people with our happiness. If someone still feels to be in that negative place, then let them be.

We are not here to heal anyone but ourselves, only when we are healed we can share our love with others without restriction and limit. Everyone is waking up at a pace they feel comfortable with. I don’t think we need to hurry them, a flower bloom at the time it’s meant to bloom with a bit of rain and sunshine.

I think the best for us who wants to reach out and help people need to be in that place of non-judgment. We just thrive when we let what is, be what is. All that is is love. When we know we are love, we don’t need to look for it somewhere else but within our heart and soul. The soul holds a lot of joy, and we only need to tap into it by choice, whether you will sit in meditation or take a walk to clear your head to find that joy the soul will inspire you to make the decision that is best for your journey.

Always travel light and unpack your luggage. Don’t hold onto the old when is outdated. Do what you can to vibrate at a higher note. Take initiative to clean your wardrobe; you never know how light it will feel when you have decluttered what you no longer need for your soul growth.

With Love
Miracle, the Seraphim.

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