Speak Your Mind

It’s time to speak up your mind and be the leader of your life. You can contribute to the world by being true to yourself and not back down for anything less than unconditional love. I do understand that you might fear not to tell the truth or face the truth and see it for what it is. As we are going through a process to evolve and develop our abilities, we may find it hard to stand up and speak our mind, and it’s ok, but know that you will be guided by your soul to be more authentic and true to yourself.

Our Divine Father God and Mother Earth (Gaia) is very patience, and they love us without any demand. All they want is for you to transform and see the light that you already have inside us. The light lies within your soul, and in the dark, you can still see it, even the faintest glim of light.

All I want for you and our next generation is peace and harmony. Peace will be visible as long as you make peace with yourself, and acknowledge your power as well as your weakness. To be peaceful is not necessary to quarrel about peace or discuss it, I choose to be it and demonstrate it with my action rather than trying to make it by discussion, but of course, there are many who need to be guided to understand how it is to be peaceful.

I don’t judge anyone even if they choose to make peace by demonstration, and I am after all a butterfly, it’s my essence to observe and calm myself during the chaos and hard times. If people are satisfied with the way they are and what they’re doing then it’s for me truly a blessing, it’s nothing I would want for you than your own free will to choose how you will live your life.

I just want to love without fear, and to be Who I Am. The real me, sometimes even imperfect, but still real. I wish to contribute to this world, by being the unique me. There’s nothing wrong with that because the essence is to show myself as Who I Am.

I sense that the change is truly manifested now as I am more clear about my life purpose, it’s actually growing little by little now, and it’s a good thing indeed.

“Something’s changing deep inside. All my hopes are coming alive…”

– Jonas L.A (invisible)

You don’t have to start over with your life, all you need is to continue. Continue where you left and remember to reach out to your little wounded-child and embrace him/her. Please, do reconnect with your inner child so you can love yourself and the world even more. I know you can do that, even with hope. It’s not a bad thing to be hopeful and optimistic. How else would you continue your journey?

Have faith in yourself, as I am having faith in you.

With love
Miracle, the Seraphim

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