Don’t Try, Do It!

You can’t just come and dump your problems on me and then walk out as if nothing has ever happened. If you have a problem and you complain it to me, I will be listening and come up with a solution. If you ask for advice, then know that I have scrambled my brain to find the best advice I can give. I don’t do “half-way” through because I will likely go through the difficult time with you while holding your hand so you will not feel that you are walking alone. Yes, I am that way, my empathy won’t allow me just to sympathize and then leave you hanging.

I never like to leave people hanging, and I don’t want people to leave me hanging either. It’s not fun when you just stand there with no answer, and it’s frustrating not to know what to do. You either want to, or you don’t. Sympathy never helped anyone. You might just sigh and then go about your day as nothing has ever happened. For me, I can’t only just sigh and don’t do anything, if I have to, I will do my best to contribute in a way that everyone will be affected by my contribution. I rather fail than let people’s opinion stop me from doing my best to help.

My advice, if you want to do something, you either do it or don’t, don’t even say you will try, because try doesn’t change anything.

Do it, because you can, and whoever says you can’t just project their fear onto you. Don’t let your fear or theirs fear stop you from realizing your dreams. Envision your future and construct it with faith that all will work out for the best. It’s how you actually live your life from an awakened state. Once you are awake to things you no longer tolerate, you will change your habits and do things differently.


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