You Are A Shining Light

Something has changed. That little spark within me has fired me up to live a better life. And yes, I can’t stop from firing up the cigarette and inhale its toxic, but I am alive, and it’s all good, at least for now, and I do have faith that tomorrow and many tomorrows will change my habits.

The snow tugged me in a deep sleep and I yearn not to wake up from my dreams because at least you are there. But even if I wake up to a bright morning or just a cloudy one, I know you are shining somewhere in this world. Please, don’t cover your shine, just be the Queen you are supposed to be. Be a princess you are meant to be. You deserve to be treated with uttermost respect from all because you walk the earth as a light, and it’s beautiful to see you happy, and even if you were sad, you are still amazingly breathtaking.

Don’t let anyone misled you to think you are inadequate and dull your spark. You can manage anything if you put your mind into it, and you will forever shine and be the glow in my soul.

Don’t take yourself for granted because you live just once.


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