I Count My Blessings

So by the hands, I count my blessings. I want to be like my Divinely Father who has everything and thus needs nothing from me or anyone else. I count my blessings because I am far richer than most. I have a bed and a comfortable blanket. I have food on the table and money in my bank account. I have a roof over my head to shelter me from rain and cold weather.

All the things I own, which I have deliberately buy with wants and needs. I don’t buy things just because I think it will impress anyone. I don’t buy things which I don’t need. Everything I have bought so far has a meaning and memories attached to them, for example, the curtains I bought, and the plants they all have meaningful memories. It’s whether a gift from my favorite people or family I hold dear in my heart. The curtain that my parents helped me to put up or the Himalaya salt lamp, I get from my brother and sister, it was my Christmas gift, and I am grateful for it because I have always wanted one.

So my blessings are many, and still, I don’t need something more or better because all that I obtained are enough. I am content with enough because I know if I own more things than intended it would be a burden, and if the item isn’t needed then there’s no point in buying them from the first place. But I do have what I need, the only thing worth to have is a loving heart. A heart that loves unconditionally.

And I want to be like my divinely Fater, having all that I need and more, so why do I have to crave for more things to cover up my emptiness. From what I know about myself, I am not empty, as my Divine Father, I have enough. He is the Sun, the holy light, the almighty God who share so much of himself that he has given us a free will and a soul to experiences what it wants and needs for the soul journey into the dense matter. And wisely enough it’s to own less because when we leave this place what we get to take with us are our memories about how we had lived, and all the memories that once attached to our belonging will be packed inside our soul when we departure Mother Earth and travel back home to Divine Father.

So do your best to count your blessings, even as small as it can be, it’s still a blessing if you don’t have any belonging that is worth diamonds and golds then at least you get a lesson or an experience which will propel you to a brighter future. So don’t get discouraged because someone seems to have an illusion of having more than you. Things can be replaced, but memories will stain our heart and soul.

I hope that if you get to read this, know that you are more abundant than most of the people from other countries who lack these things. At least you have the internet to search for written wisdom and be able to read and understand words, while many children or grown adult doesn’t have the privilege to go to school or have access to the internet.

You are blessed. Remember that.


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