Fountain of Love

Somewhere I belong to the desert land, anywhere else I can’t find the thirst to understand what love is. Because love is like water, it’s so rare in the desert that it makes me more grateful when I finally find the fountain within myself. If I lost myself and my heart, I’ll not bow down and feel defeated but stay strong and keep the faith. Look at the sky; many clouds could go awry in a blink of an eye, make raindrops fall slowly down the earth, but still, the sky stay the same.

Who can be sure of what tomorrow might bring, and who would understand that the heart which never betrays the soul will be cheated by the mind to believe that eternity is finite? Ego speaks the language of the mischievous devil, while the spirit keeps silence because it knows that there is no need to prove its existence.

You can find contentment in the written words of books and trust that it would not lead your soul astray. Books are old souls written in words, some are for entertaining, some are to guide you through your life, and some might not be at all trusting, but in them, you will find the knowledge to stand against the enslavement of the Ego.

Even when the universe is boundless and vast, you will never get lost, because your soul knows the way back to where you belong. The stars are magically lit up upon your path, don’t get frightened by the darkness. All are bound together, even the light and dark come from the same source. That’s why we are not that different from one another. Let’s blend and me neutral, be compassionate and be joyful of knowing each other by heart and soul.

I could walk a mile in the desert and still doesn’t feel thirsty because the fountain of love is within my heart-space sanctuary, it’s my source of life.


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