Rest And Reset

The moment I open my eyes to the dawn of light I have figured out that I am not here to fit in. It’s strange that I feel more normal than ordinary people do. Within me, I hold a sacred knowledge of how to be a peaceful and loving being. I am a sage which no one knows of, and it’s probably for the best that no one seeks me out, because I am weary at the moment.

My bones are cold, and my veins bubbled with exhaustion. I am tired of the transmuting. That’s what I do, but people don’t know that. I am an alchemist and transformer. I transmute fear into love, dark into light. I need rest as a koala does, I would need twelve hours sometimes even more, and the day would almost be over because now it’s winter. The day went out like a light turned off at 5 PM.

Aaah, I owe myself this because being a transformer and alchemist is not easy. So I will sleep and rest because it’s hard for me to write when my muses are not around.


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