Goodbye Addiction

I have fallen like angel broke her wings, wings of raw bones etched into my soul which entrapped the body inside the heart with a promise of free will once ridden of toxic. Hands shake and mouth shivers with lungs as black as night, craving another cigarette.

I can’t lit you up tonight baby, because life is haunting me, threatening me with death if I once again inhale chemicals and toxic like I do with oxygen. I held onto you and watched you crumble between my fingers. I destroyed you as vengeance because you cheat me of those precious moments of my life.

I said words of goodbye, but in my veins, I still crave to inhale you as I did for so many years. I leave you now my addiction, but without you, I feel sudden of emptiness, my hands shake, my mouth shiver, my lips are dry, I can’t leave you, but I have to, so once again, goodbye.



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