The Expansion of The Heart

Live, so you can feel the expansion of the heart when you actually are in love.

To live is not just breathing only. To live is to feel the heart expand, and it’s the expansion of your senses. That your taste food better, hear the note of each melody like windchime or bell ringing Kling-Klang in unison with your beloved within. Whatever you would call that beloved, your twin flame or your twin ray or just a romantic soul mate. But life, as I want to call it, is when you be yourself, wholly, without fear what others might think about you. There are colors to your personality, your taste in music, your unique way of doing things, your signature of being a creative living being. It’s the way you love to cook or books you love to read. How your mind works, the way you think thoughts.

So live. So inevitably, do you breathe? No, not the shallow breath of stress and lungs shrink more than expanding. You need to breathe deep into your lungs so that you can feel all your cells are stretching. I tell you, that’s the only way you can feel your muscles are relaxing. Are you sore somewhere? Well, have you taken time just to shake-shake does I-have-been-running-with-stress-all-day-muscles? Have you ever wonder, why this body? “So weird I have fingers, and my toes, they do look kinda cute.”

Let me tell you, I have, and sometimes I do feel that my hair is in the way, and my body surely is very annoying, but hey, I got this body, I got this hair, I got eyes, toes, fingers, and brows, what do I do about them? I just thought to myself, “Well, they are a part of the cells and fibers in my body, so why and not treat them with care and tenderness.” Self-care and self-love are so important you know.

So I take my hair for a stroll in the wind and let the breeze blow through it. And I take my skin out for some air and let the cold drops of rain chill my cheeks. Why not? I take my body for a walk and talk romance to myself, ah, that I call romantic. Why not? You treat your soulmate/twin flame that way, so why can’t you treat yourself that way? Unless you don’t see them as ONE with you because honey, if they aren’t one with you, same soul, or if it’s just that they actually are only in your veins when you breathe them in, kiss their souls, or touch their heart same as they did to you, then, what are you doing with that person?

Jesus, break loose, and find your beloved within! Because we all know, you got to love yourself, before loving someone else. And I don’t talk about that human-ego-love, I mean, UNCONDITIONAL LOVE! DIVINE LOVE! The love that says, “Hey, ok, so you don’t love me, but I will love you still even if you felt that our connection fizzles out, and there’s no glow because you feel like there’s someone else is calling out to your soul. But you know what? I will be your friend, why not? Heck, I will be your best friend at that, the best you ever got.”

And then, what you do? You decide to live. For her, for him, for yourself and everybody. And that’s LIFE. YOU LIVE. There’s no romance if someone walks out of your life, and if he/she doesn’t want anything to do with you because of any circumstances and you threaten them with murdering yourself. Shhss.. that’s just plain stupid. So don’t be stupid, be love, be unconditional love, be real, and yeah, live!

PS: Do respect yourself, and you will surely respect everyone involved include the one who walks out of your life, maybe it’s the love of your life, but life goes on, and you can still love and move on.

Picture Creds: Arne Bjellebø


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