The Magic Weaver

I write and write the night away, while other empty the bottle of wine, I empty my sorrows. Sadness drip like rain in the autumn night. Every song sings the tale of my longing, but with each note, I am dreaming away the frantic search for your heart. Heartbeats and long breath keep me alive.

I fondly love the night because of the mystery of the blinking stars, and it’s like they talked to me about wisdom and magic. I breathe deeply and hold my breath before releasing the emotion of envy. I envy those who could see you every day while I have to wait in line. But just for tonight, I walk away from the queue and found myself a corner at the edge of the world. I sit quietly and looking up at the clear night sky. Starry night covers me like a soft blanket while tears are dripping like pearls down my cheeks. They are worth diamonds and rubies, and they belong to a girl who never knows what defeat tastes like.

Defeat? I never fought before, so battles are unknown to me and I never has a sense of loss. I am a winner without having to pick a fight with anyone, and my hands are not like fists. It was instead made to hold your hand with consideration and romance.

I want to walk with you through the hours which come close to a tight end. I want to show you that I paint twilight to soften the bright light of the sunrise so your eyes will delight to a sun that makes the sky blush of the glance of your gorgeous smile.

Your beauty takes my breath away, and my eyes are in gratitude to could have the ability to perceive the reality of your existence. You exist, and I can’t live without writing love poems to applaud your presence with a cooing sound of tomorrow and another tomorrow. Because you are the promise of happiness, and I am the waver of magic. I will catch you if you fall.



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