Soul Sistars of The Breath Of The Aum.

Funny are we like soul sister from the same star. I love poem, and you fueled it with your mellow voice soft and sweet as caramel. I scream in hilarious, and you yelled with laughing, we break down in laughter full of tears like emeralds which we don’t sell. We don’t know what purpose would an argument be in between our relationship. We don’t know anything about cursing until we make fun of it.

From Venus, we come. Two shooting stars rushing through the heavenly sky like scarlet fire, and we both are shining brightly. You shine at the hour of the bright morning, you are the morning star, I at the dim-lit evening, I am the evening star. We don’t fall for airheads or jerks without heart. Even if we found a badass, we still see the uniqueness of their soul because they opened us up to the love of our life. Your heartache have I known before you fall for that intelligent guy with mystique in his eyes, and a body like a bear hug and brownish skin. I am falling for the exotic ancient beauty with hair curly like screws and patterns of a snail shell with the master of number 22, just like the same date as you.

We laughed our ass off because I made funny and you made summer breeze with your roar and always elegantly walking the earth with your head up high. You are a creature of a feline, the Queen of all cats, and I weight and balance the world with my scale as a Goddess of Libra, and harmony is zen for me. I can’t live without peace and certainly not a day goes by without me contemplating while staring with hope beyond the sea.

I know you before you were born here on earth, and we found each other through a distance friend which we both has long forgotten, but we are forever thankful that she introduced us to each other when the December bell brought you into my life like a gift.

We unwrapped the wisdom within our heart and beamed each other with light from our souls. We are sistars, not sisters. We are souls aged like billions and worth more than money can buy.

So, let’s always walk laughing and yelling out the love from our lungs. Because behold, here comes the Goddesses from above.


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