I Am Pleased

For each passing day, I am still in love, for each passing day I am still breathing. I mourn for our goodbye, and I wait for our hello with a future I can’t behold.

Without you who am I then? Without you, I am nothing but pain and aches. You have a life without me, and I am living a life without you. I mourn in sorrow because my longing has stormed into my moments of life. Yes, every moment I live, I remember you with hope and dreams of a future where our heart will beat as one again. But would the dream only be a dream, or will it be a reality of hope and faith?

So the day passing by like sand running through an hourglass. Tick-tock, goes the clock and a second feel like an eternity. Another eternity after another eternity and the waiting seems longer and longer with each passing year.

Yes, I love you so much that you felt like home when I talk to you again, but I had to conceal my feelings so it won’t make you unhappy. Because we were supposed to be friends, old friends that have known each other since the birth of our existence into the galaxy.

But I am romance, with you I am. And I don’t want to lose you, so I negotiate, and I promise I will be unchanging since I want you to remember me again. But I can’t remain silent for too long, and I have to break the silence of my contemplation so that I can live and go about my days with you in my heart. But if ever I contemplate without you in my life, it’s because I am philosophy. It keeps me going, and I need to keep going, if not, I will get old, and you are still there so alive in my mind like we first met, young and beautiful.

Sometimes I smile to myself because I remember how you look when you gaze into the nothingness in the morning after a weary night of no sleep. You too are philosophy, and the childlike attitude you have about life makes me laugh because I see your innocence and purity. You are happiness, and I am joy, we are meant for each other like night is intended for the stars.

Oh, I break free tonight of the mourning, because you are still breathing. I am pleased because somewhere you are always thinking of me.


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