Be Loving

Laughter and love bubble inside me like a laugh of a child. I am not childish, but childlike. I mature through time, and I always look for the light. I am stargazing at night, and I stare the sun straight into the eyes. I am not fearful because life is too short to skimmed through life and shiver with fear. Why is there a need to fear unless I am afraid of death? I don’t worry about the end because life just begin and I am reborn, but I would not seek danger to feel the adrenaline.

There’s the joy of life when you love, so love more and feel the heart expanding in ecstasy, your heart-space is pulsating with life. Can you sense it? Or are you too busy running through the valley of stress and darkness? Don’t look down on the lifeless concrete. Find some grass and lay upon it to feel the earth shaking beneath your body. Look up to the sun and find strength, because the sun nourishes you throughout your life, be grateful for its presence.

If you don’t believe in anything, at least, believe in yourself. Who else will whisper to you with a murmur which calm you down when anger explodes like a ticking bomb but yourself? For a split second of violence, you can destroy the sound of silence which is louder when the presence of your lover standing there staring at your behavior like a child shaking with fear.

You are the lover, so give yourself all the love you intend to give away to someone else outside your heart, because the beloved lives within, and she is speaking with a voice of gentleness. She wants to be heard because she talks only about a love so deep that you have to dive to reach the bottom. But even so, when you fall, there’s no bottom, her love is like an abyss of no end. So why fear? Why at all turn your back to a love that burning fire of passion and bridge the gap of separation.

Let the adrenaline be when you tell of your feelings, and be brave to open your heart for love. There’s no danger of falling in love and stay there. The only risk is not even to love at all or not know how much you could love someone besides yourself with such passion and boldness.

So fear not, just jumps in and be loving.


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