Preparing For Departure

If you want me or not, I am still the same. For how long shall I bear the tormenting of waiting? Because I am racing through time to catch up with my divine self, and I can’t shrink back and act as if nothing is wrong. But even so, I am responding lovingly.

I don’t have any hope for closure, and I desire to stay in love. Love is essential for my well-being. Sometimes I yearn for an embrace that can warm my soul, but I save intimacy later for someone who is willing to open up their feelings for me genuinely. I don’t choose to be alone, but I do decide to accept the fact that I am alone at the moment.

For how long shall I wait for a shining knight to walk into my life and sweep me off my feet? But even though no shining knight is coming, I am determined to save myself, by falling in love with life. The seed of desire lies dormant within my heart, and I am waiting for it to grow and bloom. I don’t have any earthly wish, but I do expect for divine intervention to happen anytime soon now.

I am sad today since people are going at a pace of no hope. And their irritation is spilling out and chaos is brought forth in the reality of the 3rd dimension. I don’t live there anymore, so I decide I shall leave people to their selves. I am too tired to be the one to clean up after their mess. They will have to learn to appreciate my presence because my absence will be imminent.

My contribution might not be significant, but it’s the change I want to see in the world. Having a compassion and soft heart teaches me to open my heart to divine love and not the kind of love that restrict me.

So, even if no one wants to form a sacred intimate relationship with me, I will still thrive and be who I am, the person I am meant to be and not what others expect of me.

So long, and goodbye. I am heading home to Venus.


I leave you with love,

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