Divine Father! For Once In My Life, You Showed Up.

Beloved Divine Father,

For once did I feel the comfort in talking to you. I have never had a fatherly figure and never did I think I should have one, but when you took the first step in communicating with me telepathically, I could feel your love and the way you approach me was out of concern for my well-being.

You showed me how to be a real lady with a touch of the divine masculine. The way to love another woman is through the sensuality of the heart and a firm act of the mind. I have never been in love this way before, and you taught me the way to be a lover who can deal with her significant other’s passiveness in dancing the cosmic dance.

I am in love with her, father, and I feel alive, for once in my life I am not afraid to be abandoned because even if the dance one day ends, and she finds someone else to form an intimate, sacred partnership with, I will still be here giving her my consideration. I will be her friend, and perhaps the best one once I am at it.

Divine father, I can’t give her less than she deserves because in my heart I know all the right things to do and that’s just simply to be. Be the lover and a loyal friend whom will be there for her when she needs someone to confide her troubling thoughts.

I can’t remember everything we have been talking about last night, or was it the night before? *Laughing* Father, I am forgetful, and you know it right, that’s why Divine mother always has to send me message after message to remind me of who I am. And the beloved in me always looks out for me. I delight in the softness and my sensual sexuality, and I am not afraid anymore when it comes to fall in love with someone of the same sex. I wouldn’t care less about what other people might say about me. I am noble enough to rise above the petty judgment of people who don’t know me or who I am.

Father, nothing can make me sad, and I am not anxious on how my life will turn out to be because I am the one steering the wheel and decide for each moment to live with a loving heart and mind. Spicy the twin said that life should be lived at the moment, and not thinking of a future which hasn’t come yet. It doesn’t matter how “the end” is since there’s no end, love will always hold my hand and leads me to a new beginning. Then why should I think that my significant other will leave me and choose someone else in the future?

Whoever she chooses, I hope they will love her as much as I do, or maybe even better. And whoever manages to capture her heart, I hope they will love her unconditionally because that’s the love she deserves to get.

Divine father, I am not going to seek for a sacred intimate partner because I have decided to watch over her and protect her until she finds someone she will eventually fall in love with, and I am not afraid at all if that day comes. I live in the moment, and with every breathing moment, I will make sure she feels loved, appreciated and free to express herself with me.

I am living with the risk to die, but I will not be reckless and seek out danger, even if I die, for what it’s worth, I probably going to resurrect myself anyway. And even if I really die physical, my consciousness will reside in the vast universe of Divine Grandpa. The God above all Gods.

I will risk being abandoned, but I don’t gamble without knowing that there’s nothing to lose because my Queendom of Heaven is within me. All I get is the strength, the courage, and the love that Divine Grandpa, Father God has bestowed upon me during my coronation.

I am good. But if there’s anything that troubles me, I will surely speak to you again. You taught me to be a real lady, a gentlewoman. I promise to be the best that I can be, and I will not disappoint you Divine father.

With all my love,
Your little daughter, the seraph.

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