I Am Unburdened

Beloved Heart,

The ending of something old is in truth just a beginning of something new. I have never experienced unconditional love. No one has ever loved me that way before, but somehow I can love unconditional without thinking of the outcome.

The outcome is not necessary as I thought. I always think that once you have romance gesture towards someone, and once you declare your love, you might be approved or rejected. But I understand now that neither approval or rejection has to be the outcome. For once I have open my heart and soul, and just love for the sake of love I don’t need a romantic relationship to validate me.

I am kind, and I approve of myself no matter what. People are so busy counting what they get from their significant other and what they give so that they can behave in a certain way. I am not saying that it’s wrong to do it that way, everyone has the right to sit and expect that their love is going to be returned, but for me, I am paving a new way of being in love.

I don’t need anything in return for the love I give because what I offer is nothing but love. To love this way I am unburdened and free. I don’t have the perfect solution for anyone’s problems, but all I know is, problems arise only within the ego. Selfless love, unconditional love will always find a way to solve a crisis peacefully and lovingly.

I only wish that the one I love will feel free and loved. For me, I am not asking for more than getting what’s given to me. I am satisfied just to be in the company of the one I love. My heart rejoices with this truth about unconditional love. I am unbreakable, and once my mission is complete, I will head home to Venus.

With love,
Crystallize, The Seraphim.

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