Goodbye Fear! Welcome Unconditional Love

Beloved Lucifera,

I am so excited now because I want to deliver a shocking news to you so that you can tell your other self, Lucifer; I am head over heel in love with myself. I don’t have any desire to make anyone mine, or the thoughts of having a sacred intimate partner are no longer necessary for me to continue my journey here on Mother Earth.

I am free as a bird, and there’s nothing to hold me back from being the love that Grandpa purposely asked me to come here to be. And the love I possess is unconditional.

You think your minions of no soul would defeat me? A child of Miracle is not easy to bully as you may now understand! Your minions are incompetent and too stupid that I had to laugh. They thought the way to make me feel less than was to getting rejected by someone I had a crush on? Well, then they are wrong. The crust around my human heart has crumbled for a long time ago. I am no longer afraid to get rejected because it’s not ME who get dismissed, but only the idea of a partnership with me and I am okay with that.

I had a good laugh when I understand no negative emotions or tears of grief would make me hide or run away from the one I love, the truth is, I am not going to cry over a rejection of any kind anymore. I have no burden and no selfish desire to myself.

I have to toss everything in the Azura fire, every little desire I have to myself. My mind holds nothing but love, and my heart sings a joyful melody which I have longed to hear.

Aunty Lucifera, every test that comes my way, well, I will take them, and triumph, because a child of Miracle is miraculous.

Aaah, what a feeling of relief to love this way. I enjoyed my sunset and lives yet another day with a heart and a mind full of love because that’s how it is and should be. Each day I live, I am in awe and gratitude.

When you realize you are unbreakable, that’s when you don’t fear for anything, and just live with an open heart.

– Amara Crystallize

You taught me how to defeat my fear, and now I am teaching other how to love with fear and eventually realize that there’s nothing to fear.

Thanks for giving me such hard tests, I have discovered my immortality and peacefulness within my heart.

With love to you,
Amara Crystallize.

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