Monthly Archives: October 2017

Divine Father! For Once In My Life, You Showed Up.

Beloved Divine Father, For once did I feel the comfort in talking to you. I have never had a fatherly figure and never did I think I should have one, but when you took the first step in communicating with me telepathically, I could feel your love and the way you approach me was out […]

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I Am Unburdened

Beloved Heart, The ending of something old is in truth just a beginning of something new. I have never experienced unconditional love. No one has ever loved me that way before, but somehow I can love unconditional without thinking of the outcome. The outcome is not necessary as I thought. I always think that once […]

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The Butterfly Effect Of The Little Seraph

Beloved Twin Ray, When we are standing on each corner of our world, gazing up at the same night sky, I hope you are weaving a brand new reality for yourself in your dream state and with a desire to take a leap of faith. And to once and for all drop the small petty […]

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Goodbye Fear! Welcome Unconditional Love

Beloved Lucifera, I am so excited now because I want to deliver a shocking news to you so that you can tell your other self, Lucifer; I am head over heel in love with myself. I don’t have any desire to make anyone mine, or the thoughts of having a sacred intimate partner are no […]

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