In The Realm Of Emotions

In time like this
When we are no longer close
to neither reality or fantasy.
We have at least our heart to feel the realness
in the other one’s gaze.

The heart which conveys the truth
in the realm of emotions
makes my voyage to the distant land,
easier and less tiresome to travel.

I don’t ask for much,
I only wish a little of your time.
When those moments of stillness,
I request you to listen carefully
to your heart beats.
It is the sound of every note
your soul is playing –
and longing for you to hear.

And then –
The matter of reality
or a blurry world
covered with dust,
are no longer important
to neither one of us.

– Amara Crystallize 

2 Comments on “In The Realm Of Emotions

  1. you ever hear of Anna merkaba there are thoughts about the power of the subconscious in those writings. also Allen watts talks on you tube about the true self and the personification of the ego that only builds walls and separation from the love and trust one might know in the world. ever watch ruroni kenshin the cartoon it’s my favorite show the story’s are about being the change in yourself you want to see in the world. and finding the good in people that have bad actions. there is a song called murakami made in heights check it out. I’m sorry if I bother you. I like what you write. I feel I’m the same way only I’m just learning about love in myself and to have new rules I live by so there is balance in the focus of my doing when reacting to happenings around me. and see with my souls light compared to the great soul spirit’s wisdom and guidance. so I can act with love without thinking about it and get more information about what’s really going on. I used to get feelings from other people that I pushed away to be less sensitive and more of a personification of something I really wasn’t. it seemed to much for me to feel people’s state of being to react to them without talking. it’s something I would like to be able to do again.

  2. Geoffrey, brother. Thanks for recommending the song, I love it. To love oneself is to love all aspects of the human side of imperfection. Do allow yourself to express whatever feelings you have inside with a humble heart. I can sense you like to write. Do your best to get out steam by writing, express yourself with words at least that way you will not hurt anyone because you can just burn those letter later. You have to pour love in every nook in your body because it’s your vehicle. And your body contains a lot of water, and when you hold positive thoughts in your mind, your body will elevate and respond lovingly.

    You might have heard of Masaru Emoto:

    “He undertook extensive research of water around the planet not so much as a scientific researcher, but more from the perspective of an original thinker. At length he realized that it was in the frozen crystal form that water showed us its true nature through. He has gained worldwide acclaim through his groundbreaking research and discovery that water is deeply connected to our individual and collective consciousness.”

    I took this paragraph from this link:

    Loving yourself is necessary, that way you can receive and give love without demanding other to give you something you already have inside you. It’s your source inside your heart, and it will never go empty.

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